*A Little Background & Christian perspective*

I am a single mother, who is currently working full-time, going to school full-time, running a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (I’m my own social media guru apparently) and trying to make it in this big old world. 🙂

I am a born again Christian (age 8) who grew up in a Baptist church. “Life” happened at the tender age of 14 which lead me in many trials and tribulations in which many life lessons have come from. At the age of 28, God began pulling me back to Him. I returned,  at the age of 31, to a Non- Denominational church for the reason of my coming to a realization that God’s loves crosses borders, races, societies, cultures, and even religions. I now take this new found awakening of God’s love and apply it to as much of my life as possible. This can be seen in some of my posts in regards to the input of a Christian’s perspective.

My hobbies consist of going to the gym at least 4 times a week where I run, endurance and strength train. I also enjoy yoga at least once a week at home using an app on my phone which helps keep my muscles limber and enhances my balance and self-discipline. I occasionally (when I have the time) enjoy coloring in adult coloring books, singing in the car (with the radio up loud of course), shopping at online stores and the mall, as well as spending time with as many people as my life can fit. There are still many more dreams and aspirations to come, I’m sure.

*Note* If you come from a religious background or no religion at all, you are more than welcome to read my blogs and ask questions. I will help all who ask for help regardless of belief systems. ❤ I do not force my own belief onto others, it is their will to choose the path they are on.


*Life Coach in training- which if you think about it, is literally a lifetime training process but seriously, I’m working on the degree part. 🙂 Soon to be M.S. in Psychology with emphasis on Life Coaching at Grand Canyon University (GCU)

*B.A. in Psychology from Arizona State University (ASU) with minor in Social & Behavioral Sciences- May 2014